Mobile Services / Property & Office Managers

Mobile Services / Property & Office ManagersWhat is The Eco Mobile AutoSpa concept?
Eco Mobile Autospa concept is an on-site washing car service that allows, through a specifically designed vehicle, cover several locations such as office buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, universities, schools, clubs, and many other places where cars can be washed!

Mobile Services / Property & Office Managers

Description of the service

We show up on time at your location, put up a shade (in case it´s outdoors), get off the washing karts from the vehicle and we are ready to start. Then we go around the parking area to wash the designated cars. In the past, you used to take the car to the carwash…now the carwash comes to your location…!

Benefits for your location
The benefits that ProntoWash USA offers you are as follows:

  • Improved image of the parking area
    ProntoWash USA business is focused on providing customers and potential customers with a time saving, value-added service, while providing property managers a unique, incremental opportunity from an otherwise underused asset - the parking lot at the property he/she manages.
  • Convenience for customers
    We do the job while customers do something else, such as shopping, dining, playing, working, or just enjoying themselves at home. Take advantage of this service and give your tenants more amenities to enjoy.
  • Environment care
    ProntoWash USA system provides a high quality service with very low water consumption (approximately 1 gallon of water per service) and does not produce effluents on the ground or sewage – no issues with local authority regulations.
  • Cleanliness
    Your parking area will remain in perfect conditions because our system does not generate effluents and makes a smart and rational use of water and energy.
  • Quick implementation
    No need of special construction, property modification, or drainage. The ProntoWash USA Mobile AutoSpa can be placed either indoors or outdoors, assuring operational capabilities in all climates.”

ProntoWash USA Mobile AutoSpa is wherever you are, whenever you want to.

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