Our Concept

Convenient 100%The simple, yet powerful concept behind ProntoWash USA is that we offer a zero wasted time and a completely convenient experience. The customer doesn't have to take her/his car for a car wash; the car wash comes to where the customer is.

This approach uses the unexploited times at parking facilities, where customers park their cars to do something else. Therefore, all the hassle disappears. There is no time driving the car to the car washing place, no idle time waiting for the service and, of course, no personal involvement in performing the service. Moreover, there is no risk of nobody moving or starting your car.

The service is performed in the parking area where an assigned number of parking spaces are dedicated exclusively for the purpose of washing cars. That area is professionally decorated with signage and point of purchase materials.

The company washes a car with less than 1 pint of water on average. This state-of-the-art car wash service is based on the Washing Kart technology that permits to spray a low-pressure mix of water and no-foam detergents and a step by step cleansing method. ProntoWash USA has found the right balance to protect the environment as well as to offer to its customers an effective method to take care of their vehicle investment.

ProntoWash USA has innovated the traditional car washing business with an environmentally friendly and convenient car wash and detailing retail concept. The business opportunity ProntoWash USA developed is focused on providing consumers a time saving value added service: convenient, safe, premium and ecological.

ProntoWash USA is a premium hand car wash retail store that offers full car wash services (exterior interior and high end detailing) in the parking area of a busy commercial property. The services are rendered through an assigned parking “AutoSpa” area (10-15 parking spaces) that ProntoWash USA decorates to communicate our business concept with strong branding and awareness to motivate customers to wash and detail their cars without having to wait.

The ProntoWash USA service proposal is:
The simple and powerful concept behind ProntoWash USA is to maximize individual’s personal time and take advantage of the typical idle parking time at Shopping Malls, Entertainment facilities and the workplace; thus providing the customer an added value service and the ability to enjoy more important activities. The result of all this is a new business experience, geared 100% to providing customer convenience.
The customer simply parks the car in the assigned parking area for car wash purposes and the car is washed at that location. There is no need to move the car.
Considering that the ProntoWash USA system consumes only less than 1 pint of water per service and uses biodegradable products, it represents a totally ecological alternative in comparison to the traditional system, which works with pressured water and thus it consumes hundreds of litters per service and generates pollutant effluents.
Quality Premium Services
Not only will the customer’s car be washed by hand by a well trained washer but the customer can request premium services like shampoo, hand wax and leather treatment among others.
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