About ProntoWash

ProntoWash is the fastest-growing vehicle cleaning and detailing service company in the United States. Our primary goal is to ensure that maintaining a clean vehicle isn’t an inconvenience.

With locations at America’s top shopping centers and entertainment venues, customers can shop, dine, or take in a movie while having their vehicle detailed.

For ultimate convenience, ProntoWash Mobile can service vehicles anytime, anywhere including at the office while our customers are at work, or even at home while they’re relaxing on the weekend.

The ProntoWash brand is recognized throughout the world at over 350 locations in over 20 countries. In the US, ProntoWash operations are exclusively eco-friendly, utilizing a completely waterless cleaning process along with ProntoWash-manufactured and branded proprietary cleaning solutions.

Each ProntoWash location and ProntoWash Mobile unit is independently owned and operated.

All ProntoWash operations feature:

  • A convenient location

  • Full-service washing and detailing

  • Guaranteed service times

  • ProntoWash-branded proprietary cleaning and waxing products

  • Clean, tiled service areas

  • Trained, uniformed, courteous employees

Business Segments

Fixed Facility

The primary focus of the Fixed Facility segment is the strategic placement of permanent operations within high-traffic indoor and outdoor malls, shopping centers, town centers, and airports. ProntoWash provides leasehold improvements to spaces within parking garages in the form of flooring and signage and to outdoor parking lots with the addition of parking


Mobile is the most flexible segment in terms of time and location of service. Fully-equipped ProntoWash branded vehicles will perform any ProntoWash service at any time or location. Services are booked in advance through our mobile app or the ProntoWash website. Our vehicles require no gas generators, water tanks, or power sprayers.



Our B2B segment provides our full complement of services in the parking structures of office buildings, company parking lots, or on-site at campus parking for multiuse facilities. Our B2B segment, like other segments, is designed to service vehicles while they are idle and their drivers are working in their office, conducting or attending meetings at a ProntoWash-serviced location, or while attending classes at a college campus.


Our Fleet segment provides ProntoWash services to a company’s fleet of vehicles at the location of the company or at one of our fixed facilities. Special Fleet package pricing is available.


The ProntoWash Executive segment provides an exclusive service to those with their own designated parking area or space in office buildings. Customers sign up in advance to have a PW Exterior-only service performed on their vehicle on a recurring basis during work hours. This service is automatic, does not require access to the interior of the vehicle, and thus does not require the customer’s keys or presence at any time.