Our Process

Our Process.

The ProntoWash eco-friendly, vehicle cleaning process uses NO WATER. Biodegradable ProntoWash Miracle Lotion is more gentile on the vehicle’s surface and more advanced than the chemical-based solvents and soaps used by other water-based hand wash, tunnel, and even self-service, spray-it-yourself car washes. Using an atomization process, ProntoWash Miracle Lotion is sprayed onto the entire surface of a vehicle. Emulsifiers in ProntoWash Miracle Lotion break down dirt. Special surfactants encapsulate and lift dirt away, while lubricants and carnauba wax bond with the surface of the vehicle to create a protective barrier. Microfiber towels are then used to gently remove dirt and buff the surface to a brilliant shine.

Our Products.

ProntoWash manufactures its own proprietary line of eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable solutions to handle every aspect of the vehicle detailing process. Our solution engineers are constantly evaluating formulas and technologies to ensure our products are industry-leading.

At the core of every service is ProntoWash Miracle Lotion. ProntoWash Miracle Lotion is a proprietary blend of eco-friendly, biodegradable emulsifiers, surfactants, and lubricants that clean and protect the vehicle. The emulsifiers break down dirt while surfactants encapsulate dirt and simultaneously bond to the surface of the vehicle to create a protective barrier. Lubricants then enable the dirt to be safely removed using a microfiber towel.

The compounds used in ProntoWash Miracle Lotion are more effective than the chemicals used in conventional water-based car washes. ProntoWash Miracle Lotion also contains carnauba wax which, because of our by-hand application, leaves a shine that cannot be duplicated by conventional water-based car washes.