Zip Code Lookup Tool

Ever wonder how you as a future franchisee gets to choose your territory? How will you know your desired territory is a good choice? What’s the easiest way to get demographic information on desired territory?

We utilize a zip code lookup tool for preliminary territory investigation:

It is very easy to use here is how:

You will need to make a copy and save it for use.

There are 3 primary tabs:

  1. Lookup (this is where you put the zip codes on the left side and it will pull data. There is also a link in the spreadsheet and below to go to the map and click on zip codes. It is a good idea to take a screenshot of the map when you do it.)
  2. Explanation of the columns and data.
  3. Data (do not mess with that)

The Zip Code Lookup Tool works in conjuction with this site to build maps and identify zip code:

Feel free to map out desired areas you will like and we can discuss the data and maps for the area. 

PRO TIP: It is a good idea to take screenshots of the maps you design. You can save them to the spreadsheet under the maps tab or your computer.

Good For The Car, Good For The Planet

ProntoWash is a leading national car care provider that uses only Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly cleaning products. Our process uses proprietary solutions to handle every aspect of the detailing process while still delivering a 5-star service and only using 1/8th of a cup of water.

We are pleased to say that we provide our clients with an on-demand, mobile car cleaning service to many cities around the USA.  You can simply download our App, tell us who and where you are, and we will come to you.  When we arrive, you will find that our revolutionary steps will clean a vehicle with zero water run.  Thus, leaving you to never have to worry about excess water runoff polluting any of the surrounding area.

Our commitment to the environment is simple, use less to save more. Our Techs arrive in an eco-friendly vehicle that has the same detailing tools inside as any of our brick-and-mortar locations.  Our specially formulated products will encapsulate and emulsify all the debris on your vehicle allowing us to simply wipe away the dirt and grim. Our evergreen process provides a shiny finish to any vehicle and has a dramatically less carbon footprint than a normal car wash.

Treat your car and the planet with the love they both deserve, and book your next car wash with ProntoWash.

ProntoWash announced that Jonathan Munsell has been named as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ProntoWash Management.

ProntoWash, the world’s largest automotive detailing franchise, today announced that Jonathan Munsell has been named as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ProntoWash Management.

Tampa, FL, April 10, 2020 – ( – ProntoWash, the world’s largest automotive detailing franchise, today announced that Jonathan Munsell has been named as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ProntoWash Management.

Munsell has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial start-up and fast growth experience with almost 10 years dedicated to senior management in the auto detailing industry. Munsell has served on the board of International Detailing Association (IDA) for the past four years and most recently, in 2019, he was the President of the IDA. Prior to that, Munsell was the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Spiffy, now the largest mobile car care provider in the world.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Jonathan joining the ProntoWash Team,” said James Talton, CEO of ProntoWash. “The operational expertise that Jonathan brings to the organization is well-beyond what anyone else in the industry has.”

“Business building, especially in the auto detailing industry is something that I am extremely passionate about,” says Jonathan Munsell, CEO, ProntoWash Management. “I believe that this passion, along with my drive and desire to bring our detailing services everywhere our customers are – whether that be where they work, live or play – is what makes me so excited to be a part of the team.”

“As the ProntoWash brand moves towards a more mobile, technology-based company, his wealth of experience in each of these areas provides us with an enormous growth opportunity to expand mobile services, which is especially valuable in the face of the current pandemic,” according to Mr. Talton. “Our customers are looking for convenience and that’s exactly what we provide. We look forward to Jonathan’s leadership as we capture the next waves of growth in the automotive detailing space.”

ProntoWash is looking to add at least 20 additional Mobile operations to the fleet by the end of 2020.

Munsell received his Bachelor of Science degree from Drexel University and is recognized as a certified detailing professional by the International Detailing Association. He has created several multi-million dollar companies and has consulted for over 15 years with leading companies in more than a dozen different industries.

ProntoWash is the largest by-hand vehicle detailing and wash franchise in the world with over 350 locations. As an eco-friendly and waterless detailer, ProntoWash is the fastest-growing, waterless, by-hand vehicle detailing and hand wash franchise in the United States. All ProntoWash operations are independently owned and operated. For more information about ProntoWash, please visit us at

Pollen Season Secret Weapon – Wax!

Pollen Season Secret Weapon – Wax!

It seems as though as soon as you finish washing a car in the Spring, the pollen that you couldn’t see floating by as you washed and dried has started to lay itself down on your smooth, silky, shiny paint. But believe or not, that really isn’t a problem. Sure, pollen gives black cars a nuclear green glow, and white cars look like yellow, but the pollen just laying there isn’t all that bad. The problem comes after you decide how to best remove it. There are a few ways you could do it, but only one guaranteed to not ruin your paint. Pollen is something you want to remove as often as you can. While there are many forms of pollen, two popular forms around this time of year are flower (like Morning Glorys) pollen and tree (like pine) pollen. Although it is mighty small, a single pollen grain can cling to the various pores of your paint. Once there, it’s the acidity of the grain that can cause damage. The acidity is often activated in pine pollen (for example) when it rains can cause staining and premature oxidation over time. It uses the prongs to hold on tight to bees, mites, and your car’s paint in hopes of doing its job.

The best way to protect your vehicle and make it super easy to clean… WAX IT!

If you apply wax or sealant the first time you wash it. You will make the secondary washes much easier and you’ll notice the pollen will not stick to the paint surface nearly as much. Once that happens, simply driving will remove a lot of the pollen because the wind will blow it off since it can’t stick very well.