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Outsource with PRONTOWASH to increase productivity and profits!

About Prontowash

When it comes to mobile car washing, automotive detailing and dealership outsourcing, we are known throughout the Country for our expertise, professionalism and convenience. Regardless of the number, size, make or model of the vehicle you provide – if you can drive it, we can clean it!

Reasons people choose Prontowash…

Less People Problems Eliminate employee payroll, as well as the associated taxes, workers comp, and dreaded “people problems” that come from in house staff. As an industry leader, our staff is professionally trained and each staff member is easily identifiable with appropriate uniforms. You are able to demand quality, on time work and ex- pect it to be done, as opposed to “negotiation” with di- rect employees & tip toeing around sensitive employee issues. Dealership talent such as the sales and service managers is not used up on non-productive, non-revenue produc- ing tasks that often involve dealing with issues in the de- tail department. Better Management Our management talent lives & breathes the detail/ reconditioning business every day, giving 100% of their time to running a successful, efficient business. Increased Capacity Cover Large Influxes You have the ability to instantly cover large influxes of cars due to build out arrivals, large auction purchases, or event sales. We have the ability to move staff between establishments based on demand and cover those times that you need extra hands on deck.
More Profits Produce More Revenue You can turn your detail depart- ment into a retail, revenue producing machine! Custom- ers can be up sold on a variety of retail procedures, viewing your dealership as a one stop shop for all of their automotive needs! Expense Control We handle and control all chemical cost, waste, labor costs, merchandise cost, freight costs, insurance costs, loss control, and training costs …. just to name a few! Fixed cost per unit allows you to budget and deploy capital otherwise tied up in your reconditioning efforts. Better Visibility, Control & Automation We are technologically advanced—Use Latest Technol- ogy We use the latest state of the art electronics & ap-pearance products as they arc available. We attend various product shows, field test the newest products for lending detailing chemical & machine suppliers/ manu-facturers, to assure that we stay on top of our game witl1 the best possible products and processes! Daily Invoices—Invoices are uploaded daily on each vehicle serviced, so there is no guessing on what services have been provided and how much our services cost.

Technology in the palm of your hand

Prontowash uses technology to YOUR advantage. We use and give you full access to our automated monitoring technology which decreases reconditioning cycle time and in- creases profitability of your dealership; it reduces the time to frontline vehicles through improved reconditioning manage- ment, tracking and monitoring. Advantages Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of vehicles through every phase of the reconditioning process. Managing: We enforce processes and manage your entire re- conditioning operation with full visibility. Process Scheduling: We prioritize activities to make sure the work is completed quickly and properly. Communicating: We send text or email based assignments to your employee’s and vendor’s mobile devices or give them ac- cess through “Cloud” based portals to update assignments and send notifications when work has been completed. Features
  • Mobile APP & Cloud Based
  • VIN Scanning and Decoding Automate and Enforce Processes
  • Instant alerts when vehicle recon is behind schedule Improved vendor tracking
  • We share instant access for vehicle monitoring and tracking
  • Uses the latest mobile platforms
  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Real-time Monitoring of the reconditioning process Avoid bottlenecks
  • Detailed service reports

A Compelling Case To Outsource

There is a good chance you have viewed your “detailing department” as an unwelcome requirement to doing business. Vehicles are required to be prepped after arriving at the dealership, and a delivery prep is often required when a car is sold — new or pre-owned. Just a regular part of the business, right? Well, maybe not as regular as it used to be. Let’s take a closer look. Historically, dealerships would keep several staff on hand to do “make ready” services — whether the vehicles came off a truck, rail, taken as trade-in or came from auction. The preparation menu could range from removing protective plastic and pricing stickers, to full details, including clay barring and buffing. Costs of maintaining this dealer prep service are broader than most know. Below are some obvious and hidden costs:
  • Employment costs: Recruiting, Advertising, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Turnover
  • Workers’ Compensation: Training, Safety, Insurance, Deductibles
  • Garage & Liability Insurance: Deductibles, Premiums
  • Chemicals & Supplies
  • Management Oversight Requirement
  • Training
As a result, the cost of maintaining an in-house detailing group has become increasingly expensive. We are the solution for you to reduce cost, increase efficiency and help you sell more vehicles!

Process to profits

Here’s how the used car preparation process works with Prontowash’s Dealership Management Software:
  1. Reconditioning technicians are assigned and dispatched work. Predefined service standards are en- tered into the Prontowash’s Dealership Management database.
  2. When a used car enters the reconditioning process, a Manager inspects each vehicle and uses either a handheld computer/scanner or cell phone to enter the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a few other pieces of information for each type of service.
  3. The Manager identifies work to be done and with a few clicks the system automatically sends work or- ders to the appropriate technicians.
  4. Prontowash automatically creates a work order and sends it to the dealership and required scheduled recon- ditioning departments who can access via any PC.
  5. As each stage in the process is completed technicians enter a “job complete” note into the computer, which then advances to the next repair task in the sequence and the cloud-based monitoring dashboard is updated.