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Jonathan Munsell, Chairman & CEO of ProntoWash

Wow, just WOW! What an amazing trip to Houston. So much opportunity.
We formed an amazing alliance with the largest property developer in Houston, one of the largest in the world. We have 20+ buildings coming online in Houston in the coming months all with ProntoWash and most with ProntoOil.
Also had meetings with local franchisees about taking on all this new business.
We are seeking a MASTER or MASTER PARTNERSHIP IN HOUSTON so if interested let me know quickly this opportunity won’t last long especially considering it comes with 20+ locations and more than 10 mobile vehicles built in. They can go to: to get more information or reach out to me directly.
There are also opportunities for Operating Partners to join the ProntoWash Family in Houston so if you know anyone that qualifies or is interested they should go to:
Lastly, I met with a new strategic partner as ProntoWash eyes a big raise and wildly expansive future. Our strategic partner is helping put a package together that will include all franchisees and employees in the ownership of ProntoWash Corporate so we all are aligned the same and all have future wealth events to look forward to!! Wink Wink Bruce – Thank you for your help on this hugely important piece of our future!


 We have multiple opportunities in the Houston Market!
The Houston MSA 2021 population grew up by 467,000 during the last 5 years to over 7.2 million. It is projected to grow by almost 589,000 over the next five years. Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the 4th most populous city in Southern United States. 
The Greater Houston area is the fifth most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States, encompassing 9 counties. Greater Houston also serves as a major anchor and economic hub for the Gulf Coast. Its Port of Houston is the second largest port in the United States, 6th largest in the world. 
The Greater Houston has historically been among the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States. 
We have the opportunity to serve a market with incredible growth opportunity.


This Map Represents 25 miles from Downtown and includes over 5 Million People and over 140 zipcodes


You could invest in or own one of the most beautiful and bountiful markets in the country, The Houston Area. The total population of the Houston MSA metro is estimated to be over 7.2 million people.

We currently are seeking investment for the Market Master for The Houston Area. This is an opportunity to partner with the biggest and best hand car washing and detailing franchise companies in the world

  • Open Market Master owned units

  • Market and award Developer Partner agreements in your market

  • Market and award turnkey franchises to investors in your market

  • Support franchise owners and their businesses growth

  • Support brand compliance in the market

  • Negotiate agreements with corporate B2B accounts

  • Develop arrangements with major commercial property developers and parking companies

  • Share in the proceeds from franchise sales, operation management and royalties


We have multiple Area Developer Opportunities in Houston!

Franchise area developers receive area exclusivity and/or first right of refusal for locations in their area. Area Developers  agree to develop multiple units, so sometimes they are also referred to as multi-unit developers.

  • Work directly with the Market Master to grow the entirety of the Market.

  • Develop your very own territory.

  • Open multiple franchisee-owned units or mobile territories.

  • Support franchise owners and their businesses growth.

  • Negotiate agreements with corporate B2B accounts, commercial properties and parking professionals.

  • Share in the proceeds from franchise sales and operation management.


Multiple opportunities exist to develop Prontowash’s Mobile Businesses in the the Houston Market. These includes various forms of revenue growth opportunities through performance at scheduled recurring service locations, resulting in highly predictable margins and consistent cash flow.

  • Open a franchisee-owned unit with designated exclusivity to your very own territory.

  • Serve both direct to consumers [B2C] and businesses [B2B].

  • Position yourself for exceptional success following our proven formula for steady expansion with unlimited upside growth potential. 

  • Establish contracts with property managers, parking companies and valet services utilizing the power of the industry leading brand.

Strategic Partners in Houston

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