Lenox Opening

Tampa, FL.—8 JULY 2015 —(BUSINESS WIRE)—ProntoWash USA, the world’s largest automotive detailing franchise, announces the opening of their new location at Lenox Square in in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, GA on July 6th.

Location owner/operator, David & Martha Adams have always had a passion for detailing and they’re excited to bring that passion to Atlanta. “We owe our success to hard work, building relationships and ensuring that our customers have a great experience,” says Mr. Adams.

ProntoWash Eco AUTOSpa Lenox Square will be the first location in the State of Georgia, with plans to expand throughout the state in coming years. James Talton, ProntoWash USA, Partner & Co-CEO, said, “the Greater-Atlanta area constitutes a key market that ProntoWash is excited to bring our services to. Our intimate knowledge of the Atlanta market, coupled with the virtual void in franchise auto detailers makes this the right time and place for ProntoWash to seize the opportunity in this wide-open market.”

“With all the current focus on environmentally-friendly solutions, our proprietary, 100% biodegradable product line fits perfectly into the City of Atlanta’s clean and pollution-free initiatives. In addition, the new and convenient location at Lenox Square will allow mallgoers the convenience of having their vehicles detailed while they’re shopping or dining,” said Scott Wyler, Partner & Co-CEO.

ProntoWash is looking to add another twenty (20) Georgia locations by the end of 2019.

ProntoWash is the largest by-hand vehicle detailing and wash franchise in the world with over 350 locations. As an eco-friendly and waterless detailer, ProntoWash is the fastest-growing, waterless, by-hand vehicle detailing and hand wash franchise in the United States. All ProntoWash operations are independently owned. For more information about ProntoWash or to learn about franchise opportunities, please visit us at Franchise Opportunites.