Manufacturing Move

Tampa, FL.—08 DECEMBER 2016 —(PR.COM)—ProntoWash, the U.S.’s largest automotive detailing franchise, announces the moving of its manufacturing to Tampa, FL on December 12th.

ProntoWash, LLC will relocate the manufacturing facilities of its ProntoWash Miracle line of products from Southern California to Tampa, FL, the location of ProntoWash’s headquarters. According to James Talton, Partner & Co-CEO, “we did this for several reasons. We want to keep a better watch over quality control and we also want to be able to continually improve formulas.” Talton goes on to say, “The main benefit is that this will significantly decrease cost of manufacturing and shipping, but also by giving us the ability to rapidly expedite products logistically.”

“This move is important for ProntoWash and valuable to our organization, as we’ve now substantially decreased the cost of supplies and the timeline for delivery to our independently-owned and operated franchisees,” said Scott Wyler, Partner & Co-CEO.

ProntoWash continues to improve their formulas, processes and operations, while focusing on strategic ways to drive-down the cost to our franchisees. We are looking to further improve all of these areas throughout the course of 2017.

ProntoWash is the largest by-hand vehicle detailing and wash franchise in the world with over 350 locations. As an eco-friendly and waterless detailer, ProntoWash is the fastest-growing, waterless, by-hand vehicle detailing and hand wash franchise in the United States. All ProntoWash operations are independently owned. For more information about ProntoWash or to learn about franchise opportunities, please visit us at Franchise Opportunites.