Miracle Lotion: Detailed and Technical Version



Miracle Lotion is ProntoWash’s proprietary product that cleans, shines, and protects in a single, easy-to-apply solution. Our solution’s molecules bond together and lift away dirt, and break down any additional remaining debris that has been deposited on your vehicle. While the active ingredients of Miracle Lotion are working together to keep the lifted dirt from re-depositing, additional ingredients evaporate in the air, ensuring no oily film is left behind.  With the help of the added Carnuba Wax, we are able to produce a glossy finish that outshines water-based waxes with less mess. 

When we put all of this together, Miracle Lotion is able to clean the exterior of a car with zero water runoff and amazing results. We pride ourselves in being able to run a car wash and detailing company while still being environmentally friendly.


Also, because we do not use water, it makes it very easy for us to come to you. We offer mobile services out of all of our locations, and we are adding new mobile services all across the country.

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