Official Announcement from ProntoWash LLC: Dissolution of ProntoWash Management As A Support Company

Effective Monday May 22nd, 2022. ProntoWash Management LLC, a separate company from ProntoWash LLC, as an internal decision of the company is being dissolved, it will no longer operate. They are following the dissolution process and will file legal documentation to support the dissolution. From there, anyone that has a claim will be able to process their claim. As they dilute the company, the claims will be paid based on the percentages of liquidation, plain and simple.

Jonathan Munsell, Chairman & CEO of ProntoWash LLC stated “We have worked diligently to help ProntoWash Management LLC but the structure was not able to sustain itself through the lasting impacts of COVID.”

ProntoWash LLC which is the franchise company that owns the Prontowash brand in the US and Canada will continue to operate and support all of its franchisees as a franchise company.

ProntoWash has existing license agreements and it will support its franchisees so the entirety of the brand is successful. Franchisees will need to continue to be in compliance and honor their license agreements. 

Moving forward, ProntoWash LLC in its support of its franchisees has additional services that it will be offering. These services include accounting services, consulting services, transitionary services to facilitate the termination of ProntoWash Management.

If people would like to operate or manage their own business or find a solution for their management, we’re happy to help them transition from items that were previously done by the management company. There will be fees for the time that we need to invest in doing so. 

As for additional services that are available, we have a robust suite of options, all available on a per cost basis. See preliminary list below. We will be publishing pricing on Monday May 22, 2022.

Now, as far as the ProntoWash company goes, we will assist the former ProntoWash Management folks. They will have the option to pay for the services they choose and we’ll do whatever it takes to help them be successful. 

To be clear, ProntoWash we will operate as a corporate entity of ProntoWash in the US and Canada. All the energy that we’ve put into building amazing systems and procedures, rebranding and growth of the company will continue.

This is a preliminary outline of services that will be available. We will be publishing a final list on Monday May 22, 2022 with all the details and instructions on how to engage these services:

~Total Call Center Software Package Bundle

Combine the CRM and online booking/scheduling Booking system


~Customer Care Module

Includes the CRM to manage organize and communicate with customers

Using email, SMS and Phones

~Scheduling Module

Online booking/scheduling system, that includes mobile app, technician app

~Bookkeeping Services

Entering Sales

Entering Expenses
Monthly Reconciliation
Monthly Reporting

Cash Flow
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Profit and Loss
Sales Tax Submission
Vendor Communications
Weekly Payroll Service

~Social Media Marketing Service

Design, Build and Post 

~Direct Response Marketing Management Services

Build Email

Build Sms

Build PostCards

Digital Ads Management Service 
Design, Build, Deploy and Track ROI Digital Ads