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Instant ProntoWash Franchise
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Our mobile model is super-efficient and convenience driven. The mobile ability allows us to dramatically increase revenue by providing services in non-traditional locations.


At ProntoWash, our primary goal is to ensure that maintaining a clean vehicle isn’t an inconvenience.


With locations at the area’s top shopping centers, office buildings, entertainment venues, and airports plus our full-service fleet of mobile vehicles, we can clean anywhere, any time.


We assist with the utilization of our mobile vehicles and flexible scheduling options which can be executed on a daily basis or just during peak hours.


Today more consumers understand the value of investing in their current vehicles to keep them protected and looking like new.


This is your chance to capitalize on the growing car care market. A Global Automotive Aftermarket Report projects to grow to $542 billion by 2026 up from $438 billion in 2020. 


With that growth in mind, ProntoWash is expected to experience consistent growth in markets across the globe, breaking ground in even more countries in the near future.


Let’s Grow Together!

This Package Includes:

Franchise License

Value: $30,000

(Includes license for 2 mobile vehicles and territory of ~100K population

Equipment & Supplies

Value: $30,000

Includes a mobile vehicle which is fully equipped and operational, brand wrapped and supplied with products and equipment.

ProntoWash Training

Value: $2,500

ProntoWash delivers extensive training of our proven proprietary techniques for effective operation, sales, management and more. This training is based on decades of research and practical hands-on experience from our highest performing location and people.

We provide both hands on training at our Flagship Facility in Atlanta, GA as well as a full suite of online digital training portals. We teach everything from how to establish the business, location, staff, government compliance, accounting, sales growth and day-to-day operate your new business.

You can apply the lessons from the program immediately to your professional and personal interactions.

Proprietary Technology

Value: Limitless

At ProntoWash, we have a healthy respect for technology and the responsibility that comes with using it to accelerate our business. Areas we spend a considerable amount of time and ongoing investment developing include:

  • Consumer Technology
  • Employee Technology
  • Marketing Technology
  • Sales Technology
  • Recruiting Technology
  • Training Technology

Franchise Support


  • SYaaS – Systems as a Service
  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • MaaS – Marketing as a Service
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain
  • Research & Development
  • Real Estate Site & Lease Negotiation
  • Design & Construction
  • Information Technology

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Detailed Steps to “Owning It”, Your ProntoWash Franchise Dream Realized…

Understand the ins and outs and ups and downs of franchising. This is self guided research that is critical. Business owners play the game of risk and return, and it’s no different for franchise owners. After all, whether you’re starting your own business from the ground-up or taking the reins on a business-unit from a franchisor, there’s always some risk involved. When you invest in a ProntoWash franchise, you can expect our support for the entire time you are in business. This support includes marketing, technology, staff training, and assistance with all other areas of the day-to-day running of your franchise unit.

The ProntoWash company boasts a long and successful history. As a ProntoWash franchisee, you have the opportunity to own your own business selling the #1 Eco-friendly Car Care brand in the world. Our system is based on a proven business model that has been working since the 1990’s. We help you get set up by granting you a license to operate one or more of our franchise models. We also provide you with a protected territory assigned to you and no other ProntoWash franchisee.

You maintain control of your franchise business. You set your schedule and manage your customer relationships.

You have the freedom to operate your business in a way that works best for you, but we will always provide support and training when you need it.

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We have developed many ways for you to “understand” the ProntoWash Business Model and all the multitudes of available revenue opportunities that exist. 

By utilizing the form below, you will receive access to our Franchise Relations Portal where you can learn at your pace and explore videos, presentations, articles, and more about the brand and its long successful history worldwide.  During the “Understand” phase you will have a Discovery meeting with one of our Senior Franchise Coordinators. They will ensure you have access to our secure investor relations portal. The investor relations portal is specifically designed to easily share all the details about the ProntoWash brand through our extensive library of resources which includes videos, presentations, and detailed documentation on what makes us so successful. 

From there your Franchise coordinator will insure you have successfully downloaded our Franchise Disclosure Document and conduct an extensive question-and-answer session with you personally. This is an important step in understanding what it really means to “own it”.

This is where the rubber hits the road! Once you choose the program and model that best suits you it’s time to Go! 

We work directly with you to review the information you provide in the Franchise Inquiry Form and help you design your ProntoWash Franchise to meet your needs. This step includes mapping out your desired territory and finalizing agreements.

Every Prontowash investment includes world class training and support. 

You will learn every phase of the business, from experienced professionals using an interactive approach at our flagship training facility in Atlanta, GA as well as your own store.

We follow an ongoing support model called G.R.O.W. which is an acronym that represents:

  • We help you set GOALS.
  • We constantly review the REALITY of where you are in obtaining those goals.
  • We help you identify OPPORTUNITIES along the way.
  • We help you pick the best, most impactful opportunities to develop your WAY-FORWARD with strategic measurable short-term targets so you constantly stay focused and achieve massive success!

This is a constant and consistent reference point in your ProntoWash life which keeps you on track and moving forward. 

Before you even attend actual hands-on business operations training we start the process of helping you build your territory.  We want you to get a return on your investment and achieve success as quickly as possible. We turn on our “Magic Sales System” for your territory, train you how to use it, and help you secure profitable locations and recurring contracts.


The successful candidate is likely to be an entrepreneurial person, group or company with many of the following attributes:

Our Strategy

Our comprehensive and flexible business model and franchise system allow us to adapt to very different climate, business and cultural environments with a proven and successful track record.

Developed Markets present excellent market opportunities for car wash and detailing services with high average ticket prices.

Emerging Markets present outstanding conditions for our concept with an excellent ratio of labor cost and average service price.

We look to dominate every market we enter.  With our fixed sites and the addition of mobile our operation brings service to all potential customer segments. (B2C, B2B, B2B2C)

We focus on market domination through adding locations and mobile territories in markets that we establish or have established.

Mobile is a HUGE part of our future success!

The critical aspect of dominating a market is through mobile services. We believe that a car wash should not have to be something that interrupts our customer’s day.

We have become experts in the mobilization of car care and the technology behind it. We’ve hands down discovered that mobile operations are extremely profitable. Adding mobile to our fixed locations has added profitability and diversified the business. Mobile has less overhead, technicians have a fixed percentage commission, there is very little vehicle upfit, and there is minimal maintenance and expenses.

There are many strategic advantages of being able to go off property and go to specific sites that we do recurring services. We go to large buildings, office buildings or apartment complexes, and we can do 10 or more services in a day as opposed to being at a fixed site where you have labor continuing to add up and you’re waiting for people to come to you. With the addition of Mobile at a fixed site you can spread your expenses, increase your revenue and eliminate downtime.

Through the effective use of both digital and print marketing you can leverage the mobile business and strategically ramp it up at specific times and specific locations when a site may be slower and need additional revenue.

It is a convenience-based model, and as we witness through COVID with the delivery food industries such as Door Dash and Uber Eats, the world is moving rapidly towards that convenience.

We often refer to it as the “Amazon Effect”. The generation of millennials and those to follow are only going to be more interested in going onto their phone to quickly and easily schedule a service without interrupting their day to day. This allows people to go about doing whatever they choose while accomplishing many things on their to do list. It is the future of enterprise.

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