ProntoWash’s Palm Beach County Florida Master Expansion

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ProntoWash’s Palm Beach County Florida Master Expansion

The world’s largest automotive detailing franchise is expanding even more. 


Palm Beach County, FL: ProntoWash is a worldwide car detailing company that has locations in 9 countries on 3 continents as well as the US. Their expansion to the Palm Beach County area will add mobile services and fixed site locations. ProntoWash has formed a new Market Master Agreement for Palm Beach County and will operate as PW South Florida Master LLC.

ProntoWash is an eco-friendly car wash that is able to hand wash your vehicle using less than 16 ounces of water. Their line of proprietary products and solutions are all 100% biodegradable and are guaranteed to make your car shine. When speaking about how a car looks when it is returned to its clients, Stan Weiss, COO for ProntoWash said, “Our products work awesome, but what sets us apart is the training, dedication, and support that the team members receive which instills a true culture of employees that care.”


The company first started in Argentina in the 1990s and is now the world’s largest hand car wash and auto detailing franchise. Upon coming to the US in 2001 they found success expanding in various parts of the country and always have had a stronghold in both Tampa and Miami. Now it appears they are eyeing their sites on the rest of Florida as well as other regional hubs such as Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas which will be added soon. 

In 2020, Jonathan Munsell took over as the Chairman and CEO of ProntoWash and was able to launch the brand even further. While many companies were struggling to stay in business due to COVID-19, Munsell was able to ramp up their mobile services so they could not only stay open but continue to provide a desired service to an ever-changing environment.  His forward thinking generated innovative expansion models allowing them new locations during what was a difficult time for many industries. 

“Auto detailing is something that I’ve always been extremely passionate about,” says Jonathan Munsell, Chairman and CEO of ProntoWash. “I believe that passion, along with my drive and desire to bring our auto detailing services everywhere our customers are, is what makes me so excited to be leading this team.”

Their mobile services provide convenient detailing services at your house, work, or really anywhere you plan to be. Ensuring you have a clean car without the hassle of having to take it somewhere and wait.

With their easy-to-use booking system, a clean car is just a few clicks away. You can book through their website or download their app PW Car Wash.