Growth Through Innovation and Flexibility

Growth Through Innovation and Flexibility

AUTHOR: Lizzy Yeserski, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

ProntoWash, the world’s largest, fastest-growing car wash and auto detailing franchise, is a brand created for the future. The company is a global-dominating force, with over 300 locations in nine countries.

“There’s no better brand and no better time to get involved with ProntoWash than right now,” said Jonathan Munsell, ProntoWash chairman and CEO. “We’re really at the tip of the iceberg on what we’ve done to date, which is impressive. We’ll be at 600 units by 2025 and in six or eight more countries, so it’s not just the U.S. for us.”

The ProntoWash concept centers on ultimate convenience for customers, meeting them when and where they are, at the cross-section of immediacy and flexibility. Prime locations in shopping centers, airports and mobile operations offer accessibility and ease.

“We call it the Amazon effect. People don’t have to go to the store; the store comes to them, and that’s very much the niche we fit into,” explained Munsell. “People often ask me, ‘How do you compare to a regular car wash?’ I don’t even view them as competition. It’s not the same service.”

In 2020, Munsell joined the ProntoWash team as a seasoned veteran who had exited from building a $60 million mobile car-care company. He applies over 20 years of business knowledge and over a decade as an industry leader to increase the efficiency of ProntoWash and raise standards.

Munsell has achieved that by implementing game-changing innovations to gain more revenue opportunities, including a key exchange system that makes the transfer of keys seamless.

The other secret weapon? ProntoWash’s self-contained and eco-friendly service vehicle.

“Our mobile vehicles are beasts. They are fully equipped with everything our technicians could possibly need to complete a top-notch service. They have compressed air and power and don’t need to plug in anywhere. Our mobile units can wash cars in the middle of the Sahara Desert,” noted Munsell.

Still, the flexibility of the model makes ProntoWash a priceless opportunity.

“It’s not a cookie-cutter program. The flexibility that we built into the system allows for different sizes of business opportunities and how you operate. You truly can own and operate your business the way that works best for you. That is huge,” said Munsell.

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