Zip Code Lookup Tool

Ever wonder how you as a future franchisee gets to choose your territory? How will you know your desired territory is a good choice? What’s the easiest way to get demographic information on desired territory?

We utilize a zip code lookup tool for preliminary territory investigation:

It is very easy to use here is how:

You will need to make a copy and save it for use.

There are 3 primary tabs:

  1. Lookup (this is where you put the zip codes on the left side and it will pull data. There is also a link in the spreadsheet and below to go to the map and click on zip codes. It is a good idea to take a screenshot of the map when you do it.)
  2. Explanation of the columns and data.
  3. Data (do not mess with that)

The Zip Code Lookup Tool works in conjuction with this site to build maps and identify zip code:

Feel free to map out desired areas you will like and we can discuss the data and maps for the area. 

PRO TIP: It is a good idea to take screenshots of the maps you design. You can save them to the spreadsheet under the maps tab or your computer.